Why Should I Consider To Be An E-Bike Dealer

As the world is working hard on reducing its carbon footprint, clean energy transportation has started to play a key role in reaching the target. The great market potential in electric vehicles seems highly promising.


USA electric bike sales growth rate 16-fold general cycling sales. Cycling equipment as a whole (excluding e-Bike) came to be worth $8.5 billion to the U.S. economy, with bicycles making up $5.3 billion of that tally (up 65% in two years).”


“In the US alone, e-bike sales rose 116% from $8.3m in February 2019 to $18m (£12m) a year later – just before the impact of COVID – according to market research firm NPD and the advocacy group People For Bikes. By February this year, sales had reached $39m.”


“In response to a recent revelation from the U.K. Bicycle Association that retailers in Great Britain had sold an e-bike roughly once every three minutes in 2020, advocates here crunched the numbers to reveal that 600,000 e-bikes were sold last year in the U.S. — a rate of about once every 52 seconds.”


All the data mentioned above indicated one fact that electric bike is among the most promising products on the market that has enormous potential to be the next best-seller going viral.

Since the pandemic began, the number of COVID infections has once been skyrocketing. As a result, to avoid the crowd on public transportation, people are eagerly trying to figure out a better and cheaper way to commute or travel without sharing space with others. Apparently, the options are so limited between traditional bikes and coal-powered vehicles before electric bike technology has been widely used, allowing the price of e-bike to become affordable.

Why do electric bikes sales grow like a rocket?

A new way of travel

The major reason that e-bikes proliferate around the globe is that by it, people are able to vastly reduce the time that has been eaten up by traffic on the daily commute or travel. When it comes to the time spent on everyday commuting, the distance of the trip is not even the point, but how heavy the traffic is. The most recent National Household Travel Survey found that 35 percent of car trips in the U.S. are two miles or shorter.

Introducing e-bikes into commuting or errand running can be revelatory. There is nothing more annoying than sitting in the traffic waiting endlessly especially when you are just a stone’s throw away from the destination and have to find a parking spot after arriving. Besides the convenience, electric bikes can save you from sweating on a hot summer day or getting a large number of groceries.


Becoming popular

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen them explode in popularity in Europe, and now that’s expanding to the U.S.,” says Kate Fillin-Yeh, director of strategy for the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO). “E-bike prices are poised to go down, while distribution is increasing.”

Thanks to advanced technologies, the cost of electric bikes has been immensely reduced. The quality and functionality can be seen enhanced hugely in both battery and motor performance. People who are under regular paycheque are able to afford a decent electric bike priced from $1000 to $2000 with a wide range of models.

As a whole, the cost of an e-bike is way less than a conventional vehicle. Compared to gas, vehicle services, and other more cost associated with driving a car. The amount of money that has been saved by using an e-bike can be considerable to a normal family.


Different mechanism

Riding e-bikes will have a quite different experience compared with traditional bicycles. When using an electric bike, you feel free to enjoy the pedaling fun just like a normal bike. However, by the end of the journey, its powerful motor will send you home safely and quickly with your exhausted body if you wish. The main value of an e-bike is multifunctional.

Furthermore, in order to fix what human has done to the mother earth, environmentalists have put tremendous efforts into cutting down carbon emission by encouraging citizens to use public or clean energy transportation. Electric bicycle happens to be one of those. Tesla has its credits for introducing to the public how a sustainable-energy-powered vehicle can safely run on the road and save the world simultaneously.

As an ”old” industry, the electric bike has been growing like a giant at a staggering rate in the clean energy sector, as a result, other than e-bike itself, the potential of related businesses is enormous even beyond imagination.



What is the benefit to be a distributor?

As the volume of the target audience has increased sharply, it is natural that distributors share a huge amount of profit out of it. By becoming one of Mootoro’s authorized electric bike distributors in the US/EU, we cooperate with you to grow your own local business.

7 benefits for Mootoro distributors


1. When it comes to running a business, whether the product is profitable is the priority. There will be approximately a profit rate of 45% based on the price we offer and the retail price, which is relatively high and rarely seen on the market.

2. All products that are sold through Mootoro online platform will be either shipped by local distributors or picked up by customers.

3. Profits generated from the sales will be returned to the distributor in terms of the form price.

4. For a new distributor, we kindly offer free interior design, for whose store size is under 60 square meters. You are entitled to use all the materials on Mootoro official website by any means you need to promote e-bike locally.

5. In order to coordinate with your local promotion, a specific post for the grand-open store will be published on all the social media channels(i.e. Facebook, Youtube) and Mootoro.com simultaneously.

6. We are aware of how important is the holiday to business, so lucky you, we’ve got your back. Mootoro distributors are offered a free digital design for posters, flyers, and coupons either on holiday or regular promotions.

7. For the custom matter, Mootoro will provide the most optimal logistics options for our distributors on import and export processes, including bilateral customs clearance, taxes, door-to-door delivery.


Last but not least, by becoming Mootoro distributor/dealer, the warranty (1 year for retail sales) can be extended to 2 years for parts against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship on its frame, battery, motor, controller, and display. Damages caused by misuse are excluded.





Post time: Mar-02-2022